Friday, 13 March 2009

Double Standards

We're supposed to be buying a house. It is a stone's throw from the boys' new school. Apparently the decision rests with me as I'll be the one stuck there more of the time. Husband meanwhile will be OK becuase during the week, rather than commute up to town every day, he'll be able to stay with his father who, wait for it ....has just put in an offer on a house round the corner from us where we're living now. Apparently this is supposed to have no impact on our decision as to whether to move or not.

I think I'm living in a parallel universe. Especially so as when H told me this and the fact that precarious bridging loans are involved, I dared to suggest that bridging loans and an unstable housing market were a very bad combination I was rebuffed with a " What do you know" type response.
Days later his father's solicitor warned him that .... a bridging loan and an unstable housing market was a very bad combination. Was she rebuffed with a "what do you know" fob off ? No. H wanted to phone her and thank her for such sound advice. Living proof that my opinion counts for nowt.

Meanwhile youngest son is doing last night's homework on the EU. Rather than teach them about the political and social consequences that face us as Europeans, they have to fill out a chart listing facts such as currency , capital, language and national dish amongst other things ! Average inside leg measurement wasn't listed as one of the facts but might as well have been.
23 websites later I'm still struggling to find the national dish of Latvia . I'm tempted to suggest roast guinea pig and see if his teacher notices.

Must go. Have to decide whether we're moving house or not but I have far more pressing concerns . If anyone knows what the currency of Lithuania is , could they let me know ?

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  1. it's the litas (Lt) hunny
    and in latvian national dish would be black peas and bacon...Nice !!!


    Claire :O)