Sunday, 8 March 2009


Does everyone spend their weekends doing interesting things ? Seems so.

Mine are spent finishing off ironing ( what do I mean finishing , it's never ending, there's no beginning and no end) keeping the children away from screen based entertainment ( hopeless case) and urging our family to get up off our backsides and go somewhere , do something, anything. But no. Here I am again , 7th day out of 7 within these 4 walls.

These days , excitement comes in the form of a 12" x 12" box delivered to my door containing a few sheets of pretty patterned papers. I'm finding it sad that happiness should come down to that. Tragic even. Maybe that's just an indication of how trivial my life has become.

Once upon a time I had a life. I had a career that I'd worked hard for that was well paid. I could shop at the drop of a hat , travel , spend on a whim, enjoy life, go places, see things, experience life. I was well respected for what I did , got promoted, met challenges head on, considered options, embraced change, overcame difficulties, made friends , lost friends but lived.

Now I stay home. I still shop but only at the supermarket, travel but only on the school run, go places but only if it's for someone else, meet challenges head on but only if it involves homework or finding lost sports kit , consider options.... Sainsbury's or Tescos, overcome difficulties .... can I be bothered to get out of bed today, make friends .... usually through school and I'm usually known as my children's mum , then every time we change schools, lose them again . I don't think this is living.

I must stop reading my own blog , it's making me even more depressed.

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