Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mother's Day

Always a bit of a mixed bag. It's been 23 years since I've been able to send my Mum a Mother's day card and even now when the shelves in gift shops are groaning under the weight of Mother's Day paraphernalia, I still tend to 'choose' something in my mind to spoil her with . I think back to the smiles she always proffered at my child like gifts of breakfast in bed - usually luke warm tea made from the hot tap in a doll's plastic teacup. When I was older and had pocket money, my tasted broadened and a trip to the local chemists would usually produce something like a Bronley's soap in the shape of a lemon . I thought that was the height of sophistication .... wonder if they still make them ? Then as a teenager I would spend a Saturday at the shops usually finding something eclectic from Habitat like a white acrylic jewelry box - SO trendy and would probably fetch a fancy price in the retro section of ebay these days.

I'm feeling well and truly spoiled. The boys brought me up a tray this morning with a copy of Hello magazine, a box of Thornton's Viennese Truffles, flowers, cards and the loveliest book from Theo called 'Thank You Mum for Everything'.
I'll leave you with this from it ....

"Thank you for fitting your life to ours. Thank you for making us feel that nothing that you have achieved is worth more than our love'

Beautiful isn't it ?

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