Monday, 5 April 2010

What a Night !

Seems rather like a dream now - the morning after the night before !

The whole evening was phenomenal , I still can't quite believe it's true.
David kindly chauffeured me to the stage door - what a laugh ! We arrived at 3pm , took some photos of me posing outside The Royal Albert Hall then waved goodbye and went to meet up with my fellow Rock Choir friends. As we assembled at the Albert Memorial opposite the hall,  the sun appeared uncharacteristically from behind the storm clouds and beamed down on us as we lined up in height order and were put into our on stage positions, giggling like excited schoolgirls.

Filing through the stage door was an experience in itself , as was posing in the dressing room by the light studded make-up mirrors. Time for a quick run through and sound check on stage.

We sat and watched the Soldiers from our seated positions in the choristers seating at the back of the stage surrounded by plush red velvet and ornate gilded scrollwork. Then it was our turn and a quick run through our repertoire before heading back to the artist's bar for a quick energy snack before changing into our Rock Choir uniform and a quick glitter spray in the hair. All glammed up and raring to go we filed up the staircase and into our positions on stage for a night to remember.

Seeing David and the boys arrive was the high point for me and watching them spot me through their binoculars was so sweet although it was so difficult to resist the urge to wave - strict Rock Choir orders - no waving from the stage - we're professionals now !

And then finally , the announcement we were waiting for ... "Please welcome on stage .... ROCK CHOIR !!! "

It's so difficult to explain how it felt to be singing and dancing on the stage of The Royal Albert Hall - suffice to say, it went in a flash and was possibly the best fun I've had in a long time. I couldn't help beaming form ear to ear.

Time for The Soldiers on stage  - they were lovely lads ... made me want to rush out to Afghanistan and knit them all socks or something useful ! Must admit , it was very emotional singing the backing vocals en masse to their Coming Home single, not a dry eye in the house.

So , there we have it , the most extraordinarily wonderful evening amongst friends, singing happy songs for a good cause, watched by my lovely boys ... does it get any better than that ?
Well yes , as it happens , home to a waiting bottle of chilled champagne and a chance to recount and re-live every delicious moment , then up to bed and the best night's sleep I've had in a long time with the words of " Coming Home" resounding in my dreams.

And guess what ... I get to do it all over again on Wednesday at the Birmingham Symphony Hall ... oh this show biz life is SO exhausting !


  1. WOW WOW AND THRICE WOW!! What a fabulous day! Claire you (quite literally) ROCK!!

  2. what a lovely blog Claire - see you in Birmingham :-) Avril X

  3. Sounds absolutely wonderful! Wish Rock Choir had made it this far west............

  4. Hi Claire...we met briefly on Saturday at Ally Pall...I was the chubby blonde with Karen (Buzz) who accosted you before we'd even got inside!!

    She sent me the link to your blog & I have just started to read from August...WOW!! I think you could have a bestseller if you publish!! Truly inspirational & I can so identify with where you were coming from at that time...I'm right there now!!!

    I will be catching up with all your posts to date & have added myself as a follower. I look forward to getting to know you as time goes by!!

    Blessings....Sandi xx