Friday, 26 March 2010

I'm in love with second hand clothes

Where else would you find a brand spanking new ( labels intact ) Whistles linen coat in the most delicious shade of ballet slipper pink other than a second hand clothes shop ? And for the princely sum of £28 ? At that price I was able to snap up another bargain - a gorgeous pale blue embroidered White Stuff raincoat ( £25) and a luscious moss green L.Credi leather handbag for pennies . As if that wasn't enough, I spotted a beautiful cashmere , wool and silk long sleeveless cardigan from The White Company at a similar bargain price. It would have been rude not to have given it a good home so they're all now hanging in my wardrobe and at less than the price of one dress from any one of those designer labels.

 Just in case you're wondering where I now do all my shopping ... well that would be telling. Just lets say I pass it on the school run and regularly veer off the road at breakneck speed when passing their shop window when I see something covetable hanging in the window.

The boys are very understanding and now I only get a resigned sigh and a slightly raised eyebrow from them as they know I'm going to be in a wonderful mood when I climb back into the car minutes later clutching a new bargain.


  1. I feel I may have to start stalking you on your travels LOL.

  2. Clever Claire!! That pink jacket is absolutely delicious .... can I borrow it???

  3. I read this post on my way to the other end of your blog and thought'Huh, its alright for slim people, I can never find anything to fit me in a charity shop' Now I know your story I am so pleased for you.