Wednesday, 24 March 2010

That chocolatey time of year again

I was rather hoping that the re-introduction of chocolate back into my diet, since finishing the Lighter Life Foundation course,  would bring about some kind of anaphylactic shock , thereby forcing me to avoid it at all costs. Sadly this turns out not to be the case and I'm just as immune to its wiles as I ever was. Having said that , I've just spent the last couple of hours making up these cute little Easter packages , filled with Lindt chocolate bunnies and Cadbury's mini eggs, for my son to hand out in class on Friday at the end of term and not a single one has passed my lips. Pretty commendable I thought . Now I just need to part company with them before the lure of the chocolate takes over.


  1. Very impressive! Not just the fact that you managed not to succumb to the 'I'll just have one to make sure they are ok' syndrome but the lovely little packages too.

  2. Such lovely little packages - what a FAB mummy you are! Got to admit ... I'd have been doing a spot of quality control testing myself!!