Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mother's Day

I never listen to those who complain about Mother's Day .. if it means breakfast in bed then I'm all up for it.
This morning , the boys brought me a fruit platter on a tray with a cute cupcake napkin and their homemade presents - the best gifts ever. Theo had made a cup and plate decorated with the most wonderful image of a tree in full leaf - it was so lovely . And Max had made me not one but two cards and written a poem...

You are the kindest mum ever
You are the most supportive mum ever
You are the nicest mum ever
You are the funniest mum ever
You are the coolest mum ever
You are the best mum in the world

Well, you can't ask for anything lovelier than that. So for all you lovely mums out there ... Happy Mother's Day.

And just to round off the perfect day , I've just tried on my wedding dress ( size 10 no less) ... not only did it fit but I think it looked better than it did on the day all those years ago - 16th September 1989. Think I scrubbed up OK for an oldie.

So here I am , sat at my computer wearing several yards of ivory silk, drinking a cuppa and uploading photos of me and my boys. Bliss !


  1. Oh how FABULOUS! How special must you have felt about that?? Love that picture of you and the boys - you look so happy!

  2. I could fit in my wedding shoes does that count?You have been away too long.Get blogging!!!!