Monday, 22 March 2010

Real Food

I thought it might be scary out there in the world of real food but actually it's like having a day pass to heaven.

Yesterday I met up with my soulmates from the Lighter Life Foundation group I started this journey with over 6 months ago. I think we all looked rather gorgeous ... and a staggering 27 stone lighter between the five of us !!!

We ate the most divine lunch at Ania's restaurant The French Table where she works with her husband Fred who is the chef and OMG the food was to die for . I can only show you a picture of what was left after my trio of chocolate desserts ! Suffice to say it was nectar from the gods !

We have made a pact to meet up regularly now and keep an eye on each other's weight , any excuse really for a trip back to The French Table, as if we needed one !


  1. you all look wonderful.Well done all of you.

  2. Claire you look absolutely AMAZING and just beautiful!