Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Utility Room

Does your utility room look like this ?

No ? Nor does mine but the photo made me laugh out loud. In the world of Cath Kidston, are we supposed to wring out our undies in a sky blue enamel tub , whilst our silk camisoles drape languidly on a cherry red painted wooden clothes airer ? The peg holder must be a snip at £29.99 but mine are dumped in a Tesco's carrier bag. My utility room is usually crammed full of grubby teenager's jeans , the odd pair of smelly trainers , some mud encrusted football boots and a bunch of threadbare Y fronts died pink from being caught up in the wash with my kids' red sports kits... oh yes , there's usually a handful of lint fluff scuffing around the floor and about a month's worth of un-ironed clothing crammed in an unsightly yellow plastic basket, wedged into the tight space above the microwave that smells of last night's curry. What would Cath say ?


  1. Dear Madam
    The products in question are produced strictly for designer level homes in which nobody actually lives. They have been designed solely for the purposes of looking cute, and are not intended to be useful in any way. This is why they are so expensive!
    Hope this clarifies the situation.
    C. Kidston

  2. Sorry to say this Claire.I have a utility room that was designed and built around my cath kidston ironing board cover.And I own 2,yes 2 Cath Kidston peg bags.
    Sad but true.But boy it looks great...
    I then went and had a kitchen made to match!!!!