Thursday, 29 June 2017

Letter from the past

In a post-exam euphoric state , I managed to stub my left food BADLY against the leg of the bed and smashed up two of my toes.

As they say though, every cloud has a silver lining and that came in the form of a box of old letters rescued from the loft to keep me entertained whilst I hoisted my foot up onto the sofa and wrapped it in ice.

Talk about a Pandora's Box. Memories came flooding back. I must have kept every single card and letter ever written to me when I was a student. I'm so pleased I did now, as reading them has transported me back into a glowing reverie of happy hippy days at University. Maybe the tinted glasses are a little too rosy as I'm sure I must have had my fair share of teeneage angst and heartache. If you've ever wondered why most pop songs feature broken hearts and lost love you only have to go back in time to your 18 year old self and see what all the fuss was about.

Youngest son couldn't belive his eyes when he saw the mountain of carefully , and occassionslly not so carfelly, handwritten letters - often several pages long. Of course , sending letters is anathema to youngsters. Why get your fountain pen out when you can zip off a text in seconds, a 140 character tweet or worse still a snapchat which disapperas into the ether within 24hours. What are they going to remember ?

I haven't stopped laughing at my deathly dull diary entries ... " Oct24th - Got up, washed hair, ate a susage roll " as if I'd ever need to be reminded of the tedium of my everyday life. Of course now , although it makes me cringe , it also makes me smile.

There were boyfriends' names I'd forgotten - sorry , whoever you were, unidentifiable locations on faded photographs and a bizzare letter from someone callled Mike Jonhson which read ...

I have no idea who he is or what on earth he's talking about or why he's wishing me luck at the museum !

Haven't had this good a laugh in ages .

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