Thursday, 22 June 2017


... which is Ikea speak for brand new wall storage / organiser thingy.

Just bought one yesterday . Decided to beat the heat by driving across town to Ikea with the air conditioning at full pelt . It worked a treat for the trip there but after having being stood for a couple of hours on an acre of tarmac in 35 degrees of burning heat, the car felt like a furnace and the ride home was hell as the air con just couldn't cope. Ah well , at least I had Ikea almost to myself as I'd planned my visit to co-incide with the day before their sale and when the kid's care was closed - result !

I was determined not to fill my trolley with napkins, frames and useless kitchen storage jars which is what I normally come home with . Ok , so one frame and 2 packs of napkins did sneak their way in but I think I did well to manage my addiction to that extent.

I am beyond excited to get this up on the wall. For a mere £9 I'm looking forward to having an office that looks like this ...

... well maybe even nicer than this dependent on what I hang on it. Of course they get you with all the knicky knacky add-ons you have to buy but who cares when organisation comes as stylish as this and each accessory is only about £2-£3 although it does add up. Think I probably spent about £22 in total. 

Now all I have to do is interpret the oh-so-helpful instructions.

From this picture I'm getting  - strip naked, look glum, chop it all into pieces then smile at a naked man with a pencil behind his ear. Those Swedish have a knack at this assembly thing.

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