Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Traveler's Notebooks

A round-up of my favourites :

Midori - can't beat them for style, panache and all round beautiful quality and the cover really is made of leather which other companies bogusly imply. I brought one of these on holiday with me last year and religiously filled in all our holiday details on a daily basis. It's been a joy to read back and remind me of the wonderful time we had. Pricey though at around £40 - £45.

Then there are the new kids on the block , jumping on the recent planner frenzy that's hit the scrapbooking community. I just don't get the whole 'planner' thing.  Quite why you'd want to buy a whole raft of new stamps, stickers and accessories for what is basically a diary ( we used to called them by the brand name Filofax back in my day ) , I do not know. Having to go to the dentist is bad enough without making a decorative song and dance about it . But hey ... these scrapbooking companies have got to think up new ways to fleece us every year . These come, inevitably, in a whole range of designs and permutations ... as the man from Bluemoon Scrapbooking says " Gotta have 'em all " . Well not at £25 a pop you don't.

And then there's this one from my favourite bargain shop - Tiger - the place I go to when I can't fit into any clothes I've just tried on and so resort to stationery to cheer myself up. A delightful mint green and white striped afffair, perefect for Summer, with a snazzy red elastic to keep it all in place.

Inside the front flap there's a sweet little pocket and it comes with 2 notebooks - one lined and one squared with another insert at the back to accommdate a few extras.

I honestly don't know how Tiger do it ( I probably do, it's called China ) but just check out the price .

Yep, all of £2. I could even buy a replacement notebook for the other brands with much change from a fiver and yet I could have bought 2 of these for less ! Un-flipping -believable. No doubt they'll sell like hotcakes, so I'm going back to buy a few for my students before they all get snapped up. Nice one Tiger .


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  1. oooh great post and love those notebooks I feel another trip to Tiger coming on early next week thanks for the tip xxx