Wednesday 31 March 2010

Utility Room

Does your utility room look like this ?

No ? Nor does mine but the photo made me laugh out loud. In the world of Cath Kidston, are we supposed to wring out our undies in a sky blue enamel tub , whilst our silk camisoles drape languidly on a cherry red painted wooden clothes airer ? The peg holder must be a snip at £29.99 but mine are dumped in a Tesco's carrier bag. My utility room is usually crammed full of grubby teenager's jeans , the odd pair of smelly trainers , some mud encrusted football boots and a bunch of threadbare Y fronts died pink from being caught up in the wash with my kids' red sports kits... oh yes , there's usually a handful of lint fluff scuffing around the floor and about a month's worth of un-ironed clothing crammed in an unsightly yellow plastic basket, wedged into the tight space above the microwave that smells of last night's curry. What would Cath say ?

Friday 26 March 2010

I'm in love with second hand clothes

Where else would you find a brand spanking new ( labels intact ) Whistles linen coat in the most delicious shade of ballet slipper pink other than a second hand clothes shop ? And for the princely sum of £28 ? At that price I was able to snap up another bargain - a gorgeous pale blue embroidered White Stuff raincoat ( £25) and a luscious moss green L.Credi leather handbag for pennies . As if that wasn't enough, I spotted a beautiful cashmere , wool and silk long sleeveless cardigan from The White Company at a similar bargain price. It would have been rude not to have given it a good home so they're all now hanging in my wardrobe and at less than the price of one dress from any one of those designer labels.

 Just in case you're wondering where I now do all my shopping ... well that would be telling. Just lets say I pass it on the school run and regularly veer off the road at breakneck speed when passing their shop window when I see something covetable hanging in the window.

The boys are very understanding and now I only get a resigned sigh and a slightly raised eyebrow from them as they know I'm going to be in a wonderful mood when I climb back into the car minutes later clutching a new bargain.

Wednesday 24 March 2010

That chocolatey time of year again

I was rather hoping that the re-introduction of chocolate back into my diet, since finishing the Lighter Life Foundation course,  would bring about some kind of anaphylactic shock , thereby forcing me to avoid it at all costs. Sadly this turns out not to be the case and I'm just as immune to its wiles as I ever was. Having said that , I've just spent the last couple of hours making up these cute little Easter packages , filled with Lindt chocolate bunnies and Cadbury's mini eggs, for my son to hand out in class on Friday at the end of term and not a single one has passed my lips. Pretty commendable I thought . Now I just need to part company with them before the lure of the chocolate takes over.

Monday 22 March 2010

Real Food

I thought it might be scary out there in the world of real food but actually it's like having a day pass to heaven.

Yesterday I met up with my soulmates from the Lighter Life Foundation group I started this journey with over 6 months ago. I think we all looked rather gorgeous ... and a staggering 27 stone lighter between the five of us !!!

We ate the most divine lunch at Ania's restaurant The French Table where she works with her husband Fred who is the chef and OMG the food was to die for . I can only show you a picture of what was left after my trio of chocolate desserts ! Suffice to say it was nectar from the gods !

We have made a pact to meet up regularly now and keep an eye on each other's weight , any excuse really for a trip back to The French Table, as if we needed one !

Sunday 14 March 2010

Mother's Day

I never listen to those who complain about Mother's Day .. if it means breakfast in bed then I'm all up for it.
This morning , the boys brought me a fruit platter on a tray with a cute cupcake napkin and their homemade presents - the best gifts ever. Theo had made a cup and plate decorated with the most wonderful image of a tree in full leaf - it was so lovely . And Max had made me not one but two cards and written a poem...

You are the kindest mum ever
You are the most supportive mum ever
You are the nicest mum ever
You are the funniest mum ever
You are the coolest mum ever
You are the best mum in the world

Well, you can't ask for anything lovelier than that. So for all you lovely mums out there ... Happy Mother's Day.

And just to round off the perfect day , I've just tried on my wedding dress ( size 10 no less) ... not only did it fit but I think it looked better than it did on the day all those years ago - 16th September 1989. Think I scrubbed up OK for an oldie.

So here I am , sat at my computer wearing several yards of ivory silk, drinking a cuppa and uploading photos of me and my boys. Bliss !