Saturday 12 February 2011

Getting ready for the 14th

Yes I know it's a sham the whole Valentine's thing, dreamt up by Hallmark to increase cards sales after Christmas, but I still love it .

What's not to love about hearts and red and pink and chocolate and teddy bears and all the other nonsense that goes with it. I try not to spend a whole heap on tat and clutter but the odd item slips through under the net , like this year's coca cola lip smacker balm packed in a special Valentine's heart shaped pack, justified on the grounds that the boys get through tons of the stuff trough the winter months thereby killing 2 birds with one stone - cute and useful.

Not to mention the pack of Cath Kidston heart shaped buttons which will doubtless find their way onto a layout before long , that is if I can bear to rip them from their sweet packaging. I have an embargo on buying anything by Cath Kidston as we live in the epicentre of the Cath Kidston sheep-following, handbag-toting Yummy Mummy Brigade, who can't be seen out of doors without at least a dozen of her sprigged floral accessories, stuffed into their status symbol oilskin handbags. Who wants a handbag made of oilskin for goodenss sakeand is there anything she hasn't had manufactured yet ? (  I haven't seen a Cath Kidston range or toilet paper yet , but then it's probably only a matter of time )  but this was an exception as you can never have enough buttons.

Oh and there's the card I've bought for my husband , which made me think it had been made especially for him ... yes me and millions of other wives...

Husband and I are past the lovey dovey stage, that usually manages to sustain from honeymoon through to 1st wedding anniversary if you're lucky , but that doesn't mean to say I can't indulge in a little celebratory nonsense with the boys who still make me heartfelt Valentine's cards and cut heart shapes out of toast . They must get it from me as indeed I did from my own Mum who loved a good celebration , any excuse , but then that was probably the Irish in her.

So , Sunday evening will find my baking heart shaped cakes and lining up the heart shaped cookie cutters, the heart shaped sugar sprinkles and a bunch of other pink red and white stuff in preparation for Monday's mornings lovefest breakfast for my boys. They love it and so do I , so that's all that counts.

And talking of cute .... meet Jack our latest addition...who is filling out hearts with love right now.