Friday 13 December 2019

Away in A Manger

Anyone else blub at the opening bar of Away in a Manger?  Just enjoyed a blub fest. Gets me every time - combine it with a Salvation Army brass band and I'm lost in a pool of messy tears.

The Pre-Christmas Low Spot

It's as traditional as holly and mistletoe. It comes around the middle of December and is usally sparked by some form of retail exasperation. In this case it was the fact that M&S's Coquilles St Jacques were no longer available to order online. I tell this story against myself. It's laughable.

Who gives a monkey's about the unavailabilty of some posh food ? A truly 1st world problem and puts things in persepctives. Why might this spark a bad mood ? I have a theory

It's more to do with disappointment in youself ; the realision that you've been suckered, hook line and sinker into a sink-hole of pretentious retail propaganda. I can't believe I let myself down so badly. Personally, I'd rather eat a bag of Walkers Ready Salted and a tub of Quality Street in any event. In fact I may just do that.

Incidentally, it wasn't just the CSJ ... it was really all about the fact that the Woodland Buch de Noel had also sold out ! Those little spotted Fly Agaric decorations were the cutest. Why anyone would want to stick them on a chocolate cake defeats me, but hey , it's Christmas.