Thursday 4 August 2022

EPCs and other TLAs

Don't know what an EPC is ? Nor did I. I could have guessed I suppose -  Electrical Pulse Calibration , Ergonomic Plant Control, European Police Commission, Exploratory Petrochemical Consortium ? Nope. 

It is an Energy Performance Certificate. Now I've been shamed into admitting my ignorance and even worse - discovered that ours is an F - it's added a whole new level of things to worry about. Savvy homeowners can shove in a few energy-efficient lightbulbs and bump it up a grade. But isn't that cheating ? I'd love to install a ground source heat pump, whatever that is, install some energy-efficient underfloor heating and glaze the whole house in thermally sealed bi-folds but who can afford that?


Friday 29 July 2022

How can it be 2 whole years ...

 ... since I last blogged. And I think of myself as a person who loves to write That must say something about my creative bock which has deepened to the size of a glacial ravine.

We're in the post pandemic recovery period and it's shit. The re-set button has failed to work, the country has gone to the dogs and the world's dictators are wreaking havoc around the world. Not watching the news hasn't worked. It seeps into your life uninvited from unexpectd sources and drip feeds into your psyche. 

I long to escape. Don't know where just anywhere. I've stopped listening to music, can't focus on a book and as for any artistic endeavour...

On a brighter note I did recently go and see Maverick - Top Gun. The phrase that resonated with me was the classic quote "Engage" as Cruise struggles to snap his wingman out of a trance and into action. I'm still trying the engage.