Monday 23 March 2015

Is it just me ....

... or does 99% of M&S womenswear look like a jumbled mess of cast-offs and polyester nightmares ?

I've just trawled through the entire tops and T shirts section and can't find a single item that would persuade me to even try it on let alone buy it.  My granny ( if I had one ) wouldn't be seen dead in most of it . There's a slug green shapeless top that looks like it's got a couple of bin bags glued on as pockets . Then there's the promisingly titled bird T shirt that looks like a couple of vultures are about to peck each-other's eyes out ... something called a tonal bubble hem something - goodness only knows what that's supposed to mean let alone look like.

If you click on the item it will show you a model wearing said item. I thought that might make them look a tad more appealing but judging by the bored look on their gormless faces , well their expressions speak volumes.

Can't find one single thing worth a second glance What are M&S playing at ?

Saturday 14 March 2015

I've Been Framed

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A little teaser of a taster .....

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