Saturday 25 February 2012

What's not to Like about Valentine's Day ?

The title is ironic but having said that the whole heart shaped fiasco can be just a bit of fun in an otherwise gloomy month. The fact that most of it involves my favourite colour (pink) , chocolate ( if you're lucky) and flowers ( if you're even luckier ) has got to be  good thing. Anyway the boys love it as it hasn't quite become the emotionally overblown, potential disaster that it can turn into in adult years. It's also an excuse for a celebration , which in our house always gets the thumbs up.

The boys made cocktails from pink grapefruit juice, passion fruit and lemonade.

I made little American Mail style mailboxes stuffed with chocolate hearts.

I also made some heart shaped placemats and Valentine's crackers ...

... and my husband made ... no effort whatsoever and bought neither flowers nor card. So that's why Valentine's should be treated as a bit of fun filled nonsense which should be banned from age 18 onwards.

I'm consoling myself with the belief that you only get a dozen long stemmed red roses if your husband is having an affair, so not all bad then.