Monday 26 January 2015


Sounds kinky I know . Second thought that comes to mind are those ghastly adds for personal injury claims. Well I'm not into kinky and I don't hold with this country's obsession with the blame culture BUT ... I now know whiplash is very real and very painful . Haven't been able to hold my head up all week without wincing . I was rear-ended by a speeding driver ... in my own road last Tuesday and I've been paying the price ever since. I didn't think the accident was to blame as I'd woken up with a headache anyway . However according to the doctor and the chiropractor ( both of whom are my new best friends ) a pre-existing headache just makes the symptoms of whiplash more severe . They are both utterly convinced that is what I have .

Can't begin to describe the gnawing pain . It's there , all day every day like a bad toothache times ten. Can't sleep , can't sit down , can't stand up , can't lie down without this awful pain. Everything seems to make it worse. Anyway , counting the hours ( 25.45 to be precise) until my next appointment with Mr Chiropractor and praying that treatment will provide some respite from this misery.

For all of you fellow whiplash sufferers out there - you have my sympathy.

Thursday 15 January 2015

Love is all we need ....

....  over on the Hey Little Magpie blog tomorrow , my layouts for February . Guess what - they feature a lot of hearts and a lot of pink paper ... apart from the last one which is an antidote to the pinkness oF Valentines Day.

Tuesday 6 January 2015

The Sales

I listened entranced to Woman's Hour yesterday. It was a suitably New Yearish topic - de-cluttering. All you had to do was stop shopping and you'd be cured. I managed to do this for 22 hours , possibly a record for me. I generally hate Sales - they're usually bogus and lure you into buying something silly that you didn't want and don't need. However I only bought three little things and none of them were impulse purchases. Each of them I believe to beautiful and know to be useful , so William Morris would be proud of me.

First up , something that satisfies not only my love of geometry but also earns its keep on my desk by holding my pencils. That's what I went into town to buy and that's what I came home with - and a snip at £2.40 from John Lewis. It's smoked glass and I just love it.

Then there was this ....

My husband bought me a beautiful copper dish designed and made in Scotland by  The Just Slate Company for Christmas  This little boxed beauty from the same company complements the dish and was reduced in the sale because the cheese knife was missing as you can see from what it says on the label. The lovely lady at the till said " Oh would you like the cheese knife to go with that ? They're out the back " I think the reason they were reduced was because of the missing knife, but bless her, she went and got one for me and popped it in the box at no extra charge !


And finally this . I'd coveted it before Christmas but not at full price. It was a snip at half price and I plan  to fill it with guest toiletries and place it in the guest bedroom which has similar curtains and cushions as the design on the case. Love it when a scheme comes together .

So that's it for sale shopping . Don't think I'll be venturing near the shops again for a while .... famous last words of course.