Sunday 31 July 2016

Holiday packing

Anyone got this sussed ? Let me in on your secrets please.

I have a very very very low attention threshold which is why I started packing 5 minutes ago and now I'm on here typing. A friend of mine told me she leaves her packing until 2 hours before she has to leave - that way it can only take 2 hours. I'd still be wondering which suitcase to take.

Capsule wardrobe is another phrase I often hear. If I looked like a capsule ( which I don't ) that may work for me but as I look like an over-ripe watermelon , a small and discrete collection of chic co-ordinating must-haves is a big no no for me. My big knickers alone take up half my suitcase. This year I have bought new tropical colours in the underpants department which I have not worn yet , believing that brand new underwear will be a delightful change from the ropey old washed out, frayed knicker elastic variety I usually end up bringing. This could prove disastrous if I discover mid outward bound flight that they are not up to the job.

So, on to luggage. I'll be checking in one case. I call it a case. It is actually a squished up tote-bag cum backpack thing that husband encouraged me to buy. It works fine for the boys who will fill theirs with 2 pairs of pants ( between them) unsuitable footwear ( cannot convince them that heavy, waterlogged, winter-warmth skate shoes are a bad idea on a beach holiday) . Youngest will insist on bringing socks despite 30 degree temperatures and eldest will forget all vital meds including inhaler which will involve an emergency, last minute, highly expensive doctors visit for a private prescription. They may remember to bring a pair of swimming trunks but will also attempt to squeeze in a lifetime's supply of assorted hair gels and will wonder why no-one brought goggles for them.

My SUTBCBP thing ( see full description above )  meanwhile will be jammed with emergency first aid kits , flippers, snorkel masks, books which every else will commandeer because they won't like the ones they've brought with them, spare headphones as one or all of theirs will be left on the plane/airport/ car on the way to the airport, snacks as they'll refuse the in-flight meal and end up starving and cranky ( a bad combination even when you have access to a fridge ) , mosquito repellant devices ( battery operated , wristbands, plug-in, set light to variety , spray aerosol, roll-on, cream , gel and  tablets ) badly fitting brand new knickers, optimistically sized swimsuits and diarolyte ( learnt from experience ) .

It's such a joy to go on holiday isn't it ? So, I'd better get off here and go resume packing duties. I have just enough room left to shoehorn in 3 pairs of goggles and a near empty inhaler.

Friday 22 July 2016

Swimwear shopping

Enough said , in fact the less the better. I think there is something called body dysmorphia where you think you're enormous but you're actually very slender. I have the opposite.  I came out of TK Maxx with a clutch of swimsuits in size 14 ... all of which will be going back tomorrow. I managed to lose my boobs completely whilst trying on one in particular. I eventually discovered them poking out of the armholes in amongst swathes of dislodged foam padding, presumably designed to flatter your silhouette but achieving the opposite. One was a halter neck - a brave move I hear you say ... or stupid. In order to secure my boobs inside the swimsuit, I'd have had to have tied the neck so tight that I may have appeared bent double - not a good look. One had ' high legs ' . What are these ? Whatever they are, my legs are clearly not high. Lumpy with cellulite perhaps but not high . Do they make polo necked swimsuits. Someone should .

The battle of the bulge as dear Terry Wogan used to call it , was lost to the victory of stash shopping though - about 10 : nil in fact.

And so here's what I found to cheer me up. Good to see that Tx Maxx is back on the scrapbooking trail again - get on down to your nearest branch ( but not Kew Retail Park which now has a large dent in it's stock ) .

Bought several of these for my more attentionally challenged students .

And this little bargain pack for only £3.99 in a tres chic shade of french navy - one pack of the enamel shapes would have cost that alone. I love the vellum sheets especially.

Yes - that is rose gold you see before you . A perennial favourite of mine and you can never have enough file folders.

A smattering of My Minds Eye Market Street loveliness in a collection I missed a couple of years ago so was pleased to remake my acquaintance with it . I'm planning on making a whole bunch of cards with this little lot. What about that gorgeous map paper in the grey, gold and blush pink colours - swoon. I'm not madly fond of brads but they were too much of a bargain to resist and go so well with the paper pad even though they're all from different ranges ( Just Sayin' and Niche ) .

My favourite ever woodgrain papers in 6x6 format which I have bought before but have used up entirely and some snazzy gold glitter stickers from My Minds Eye.

And finally this little gem .... which is holding my all time most favourite nail colour by Essie called Penny Talk, although I may requisition it for my Stickles ... or might I even have to buy the entire collection of Ranger's Enamel Accents coming soon - now there's a thought to banish the swimwear blues. I shall just have to swim naked on my holiday - not a good visual with which to leave you !

Thursday 14 July 2016

I can't be trusted to make a cake ...

... without consuming more calories by licking out the bowl ( twice as I burnt the first one ) than just having a great wedge of the cake once baked . Flipping good I have to say but the scales are now protesting.

Salted caramel chocolate cake for Max's Seventeenth birthday which requires not one , not two, not even three but 4 whopping bars of Green and Black's Salted Caramel Chocolate and that doesn't include the bar I had to buy to check it was OK . I did get some exercise in beforehand though - picking up the cake on it's stand - it weighs a ton.

Now he's seventeen , the race is on ( no speeding please )  to pass his driving test ASAP . Couldn't resist making him this card . He was inseparable from his Little Tikes Cozy Coupe when he was little.
Obviously a sign of things to come. He will absolutely hate me for posting this photo of him making a silly face but I take my duties as a parent to embarrass him at every opportunity very seriously.

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Hey Little Magpie - July Blog Post

Up on the Hey Little Magpie Blog today - three new layouts featuring Elle's Studio Sunny Days Collection. let's face it ... we all need a little more sunshine in our lives right now !

Sunday 3 July 2016

The Armed Man

Just returned from a performance of Karl Jenkins' The Armed Man at the Royal Albert Hall , conducted by the man himself, to commemorate those who died in the Battle of the Somme. It was impossible to listen to the performance without shedding a tear . It is such a poignant piece but in honour of such sacrifice, all the more moving.

I had to stop myself from singing aloud as we left and walked out into brilliant sunshine which was  a huge bonus. After such a tumultuous week, it was a real joy to find ourselves in the heart of London, celebrating life and all to has to offer. Nothing quite like music to work it's magic and soothe the soul.

If you've never heard this work before, feast your ears on the Benedictus here.

Friday 1 July 2016

The perfect end to the perfect week ...

Husband off to view ( another ) money pit  manopause car and driving halfway across the fecking country to view it. Trying to hold it together here with back to back Uni visits and now realising the cause of his reluctance to bother with a trip to Bournemouth Uni tomorrow. Why waste time on your son's prospective future career and education prospects when you can go and stick your head under the bonnet of some rust bucket of a classic sports car that some bloke is trying to shift post the ' catastrof**k ' that is Britain, post Brexit ?

Can the week get any better ?

Malcolm Tucker for PM , incidentally.

Wise words , sadly too late.