Wednesday 29 June 2016

I have a plan ...

... well someone has to.

Just over half the country turned into armchair experts overnight last Friday so they obviously know something we don't. Let's ask them to stand for leadership and form a new party. In the absence of their own leader role models having anything sensible to suggest, doubtless they will have all of the answers.

Alternatively bring back Malcolm Fucker Tucker from The Thick of It . If you're feeling robust enough for this , it may give you the only laugh on the block this week, watch and learn how to survive in politics ( ironically he didn't ) . Admittedly I was high on morphine ( legitimate post-op hospital use I hasten to add ) when I last watched it but hey.

Well enough potty mouth for one post, let's get on with the real issue . I've had to wait five full days  for my anger to subside before being able to post this and yes I know I said in my last post that it was all I had to say on the matter but I've been taking lessons from Farage and Johnson ( if they were a firm of lawyers would you use them ? ) and was obviously lying through my teeth.

On the issue of Democracy ( and I was seriously debating there whether to afford it a capital letter ) : This is a term that has become seriously de-valued , along with the pound , over the last week. Ironically , the word ( along with 'majority' ) is derived from the French language via Latin. Democracy is a process which is ongoing in which freedom of speech is not only allowed but freely encouraged. So the next person that over-rules my view or tells me to 'accept' the decision of the majority can go take a hike. Malcom Tucker would have an alternative suggestion. What probably angers me most is that they use it as some kind of trump card as if this proves them right. Cheap politics.

If one more Brexiteer tells me just to " Get on with it " I might suggest they pass that advice on to their own leaders ( surely a misnomer if ever there was one ) to stop passing the buck. Maybe the time to have conceived a strategy might have been before they dragged this country to its financial knees. The Corbyn and Johnson disarray debacle is nothing short of a spectacularly and jaw-droopingly display of incompetence and leaves me speechless - not something that happens often.

So, do the Brexiteers now feel free of the 'shackles' of the EU ? Mob handedly they have managed to create a whole new dimension to this phrase. Our new shackles will have repercussions that will send shockwaves not just through the finical, trade and political institutions but will affect millions of innocents who will now have no say whatsoever on their fate, their well-being or their safety. 

I can tolerate ( just ) the derisory view that our fellow Europeans must now have of Britain as the laughing stock of Europe that looked the gift-horse in the mouth, I can tolerate ( with some pain ) the economic free fall, I can tolerate ( mustering all the patience of a saint ) that the Levers will wish to taunt and gloat and I can tolerate the dumb naivety of the "get on with it " brigade but what I cannot tolerate is the continued ignorance, back-stabbing, lying, cowardice and incompetence of those who will now take the reins in ( and out ) of Parliament.

Friday 24 June 2016

.... and this is all I'm going to say on the matter ...

.... £250 billion to shore up the economic freefall we're now experiencing. All I can say is, that's a hell of a lot of teachers, NHS beds and pensions. I wonder if Farage can justify that with some more bogus statistics ?

So what do we call ourselves now ? DK - Divided Kingdom ? I wonder if we switch off the country and turn it back on , will it work properly again ?

Thursday 16 June 2016

You've got to love a good sale

As I flounced out of the house this afternoon, complaining bitterly ( like a stuck record ) that everyone in our family treats the house like a re-fuelling pit-stop - somewhere to have their clothes laundered and their bellies filled - it struck me that sometimes you have to stop doing everything for everyone and do something for yourself.

Armed with this wisdom , I set off for the shops with husband's credit card and a renewed vigour for retail therapy. It always helps and even more so now that I've lost 2 stone in weight and can almost wear the sort of clothes that 'normal' people do. This means I don't have to get down on my knees and trawl through the bottom rack, to the very back of the rail where you find the size 20s lurking. Clearly they're an affront to humanity so they need to be buried out of sight and as the fatties such as myself obviously bring on their weight problems themselves, we should be made to suffer for our excesses and made to wear black shapeless sacks for eternity ... oh and struggle past the size 6s and 8s to find that XXXl garment we've always dreamed of wearing.

First stop Mint Velvet - skinny jeans ( well skinny in my book , obviously they'll still be regarded as obscenely large if they're any more than a size 12 ... which they were .... slightly ... OK a size 14 )  - check.

Cos - a new label for me although I'm not sure about their slightly androgynous look - however I wasn't going to let the sumptuous smoke grey silk top I bought stay on the shelf - check.

H&M - more affordable but still uber stylish ( we are talking about someone who's been disguised in drab mumsy lycra for the last 5 years after all ) - a silk and cashmere summer weight sweater with a deep V plus a lovely batik style stroppy ( oops  Freudian ) strappy top for the beach - check.

And whilst there I couldn't stop myself from hoovering up these lovely shimmering rose gold lovelies. A leather braided headband, a tassel thingy (Gawd knows where I'm going to hang it ... and no my nipples are too far south for such glamour ) , a cute pair of shell pink grosgrain bows , a bronze nail varnish, a rose gold sunglasses case and a shimmery set of smoky eye shadows and I still got change from a £20 note.

Oh yes, hell hath no fury like a woman pissed off with her layabout menfolk.

Monday 13 June 2016

Hey Little Magpie Blog Post for June

I've just uploaded my layouts to the Hey Little Magpie blog
Banish those grey skies and pop a bit of colour into your pages.