Thursday 30 August 2012

V Proud Mummy

My eldest passed ALL of his GCSEs - have to allow myself a quick boast here ....

We've been on tenterhooks all summer but at last the dreaded envelope arrived last Friday when we were away on holiday . Had to wait until he phoned us , en route home from Switzerland , with the news.

2 A's  , 3 B's and 4 C's  . Over the moon !!  

This was no easy feat for him as he's struggled at school from day one and has spent the last
4 years at a Special School where the teachers , finally , were able to give him the support and assistance he needed. It's been one hell of an uphill climb but the mountain was worth conquering and now he can admire the view from the top .

Well Done my love.

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Holiday Deja Vu

I'm pretty sure I could just cut and paste my holiday review each year as it tends to be identical and it goes something like .....

Laundry , packing, more laundry , drive , drive, drive, are we there yet ? arrive , eat too much, drink too much, more packing, drive ,drive,drive, are we home yet , unpacking, more laundry and so it goes .

Although this year we had a whole new layer of holiday hell - Chicken pox , or as I now know what that is in Swiss German - Windpocken . Youngest son went down with it on day 3. Most of my holiday spenders went on the Swiss equivalent of calamine lotion and antihistamine ... oh and we spent the best part of the week in solitary confinement playing cards and doing jigsaw puzzles. It was the one occasion in my life when I found myself praying for the distraction of an X Box for my poor boy.

The scenery remained achingly beautiful and the lake water just as icy as it ever was - a good antidote for the itching . Although I then had to go in too and at one point , thought I'd died of the cold. The lake is fed from melted water from the glaciers of the Eiger and Jungfrau - enough said.

Still, it could have been worse , I could have gone down with it too . Now I come to mention it , I do have a rather itchy spot on my back .

Monday 13 August 2012

Last day ...

... of the Olympics , so in my attempt to continue our "Olympics for Free' quest , we travelled up to London and walked along the Thames to Tower Bridge. The pathway was rammed but everyone was very jolly and it all felt very cosmopolitan. The Olympics 'feeling' was almost palpable .

It was good night to be up in town , rewarded by a spectacular ( oops ... a bit of Olympic hyperbole creeping in there ) view of Tower Bridge with its illuminated Olympic Rings.

So a quiet night on the telly tonight , back to normal , whatever that is.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Go Wiggo

We went to see Bradley Wiggins win his Gold Medal today and what a great way to see the Olympics ... for free ! Quite extraordinary seeing him ride by so close.
A great day for Great Britain.