Friday 3 March 2023


 Burnout is a very useful, if overused, phrase.

At best it indicates a low mood, a feeling of lethargy, exhaustion even but not in a physical way after a workout in the gym. It's more visceral than that . Strangely it's more difficult to spot until it's gone too far.

At its worst, it can mean the complete annihilation of any feeling or emotion to the point of not knowing yourslef or caring about anything. Words like quicksand spring to mind - the helplessness of being sucked under.

The urge to run away

Sometimes it tips into something more serious. It's not just a desperate need to escape it's more of a deep desire to make the world stop so you can step off into oblivion. 

I need to constatly remind myself that this too will pass. And pass it does, only to return in time, again and again and again.

At what point do the agains cease I wonder ?