Thursday 25 April 2013

You learn something new every day

I've been hankering after the new neon Mr. Huey sprays over at Studio Calico but at $25 plus postage from the US, the price was ridiculous for something that I may not even like.

With a few minutes to spare , I had a hunt on amazon for some supplies which I could use to make my own. I've just discovered the world of Tattoo ink . Wow , what an eye opener.  But just in case my eldest son gets the wrong idea and thinks I'm pro tattoos, I've opted for a much cheaper option . For less than a fiver I've managed to pick up a set of 6 fluorescent marbling inks. I'll have a play and report back when I've got something to show. Watch this space.

And inevitably ... as one thing leads to another, there's a whole neon world out there I didn't even know existed . I'm off to buy some neon bingo daubers now to polka dot some designs.

1 comment:

  1. I totally know what you mean about the tattoo inks, I drool over Paul's when I go down to see him and always want brightly coloured tattoos. I never thought of using them for my crafting though, he'd better hide his inks now :) Can't wait to see your neon inks.