Friday 29 August 2014

New Term ... New Stationery

It's always a joy to go to the supermarket ( in this case Tesco ) for groceries and end up with stationery in your trolley. All the more exhilarating because I got to whizz round in their mobility scooter which beats crutches any day. It felt a bit like Supermarket Sweep.  Here's what I swept into the basket on my scooter and all for around £20 . Fabulous bargains.

The vintage Box Brownie is actually a pencil sharpener and the Sharpies were only £2 for  a pack of five. I never know where all the Sharpies go in our house - I can never have too many.

I loved the colours of these notebooks with the doodled frames on the front . Those little penguins are also pencil sharpeners. My students will love those.

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