Friday 28 November 2014

Black Friday

What the blazes is all this about ?

Thought I'd sit down and do a bit of quiet online shopping with a cup of coffee this morning , the first I've had off in I don't know how long and all hell's broken loose in cyberspace.

Yet another import from across the pond . Not enough that we now have to celebrate World Potato Day or buy Happy Second Cousin Twice Removed birthday cards or personalised M&Ms , now we're supposed to beat each other over the head for an outsized telly the size of a small horse ?

Don't we all have enough stuff to last a few lifetimes and beyond ? If I was a savvy retailer I'd skip the encouraging of histrionics and the mad mentality of queueing overnight for a steam mop or having to pre-warn the police that they may have a riot on their hands at dawn and just offer all shoppers who'd placed an order in the last week a 10% off discount any order placed online and be done with it.

And there are some retailers who've completely shot themselves in the foot . Apple for example are only offering deals to US shoppers. Nothing like feeling like you've been left out to encourage brand loyalty eh ?

So, despite the fact that we'd probably all secretly desire a wopchop telly that empties the  dishwasher and puts the bins out to boot , let's try and boycott the nonsense and save ourselves a trip to A & E as a consequence of having a microwave fall on our heads from a great height at the feeding frenzy that was Asda this morning. Are you listening retail giants ?

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